Insert handle between
wire bail and can. SNAP
hook under can bottom

Tighten wire bail.

Removal - Loosen wire
bail. Push down
and sideways


Press Release

CAN CLAW (tm)– Easy Grip Handle for Paint Cans
EVANSVILLE, In. - Introducing the new Painter’s CAN CLAW (tm) handle for paint cans. Invented by a professional painter, the CAN CLAW (tm) has been used for years by pros but is now available to everyone. The ergonomic design reduces muscle fatigue and stress on the wrist, hand and arm. A “snap” to attach and remove, this “must-have” tool keeps mouth of can clear for easy dipping and allows painting directly from can saving cleanup.

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Painter's Sundries, Inc.
Evansville, IN
(812) 204-3945
Fax: (812)867-5322


U.S. Patent 5,584,520
U.S. Patents Pending

Used by Professional Painters

  • Reduces Wrist Strain
  • Paint Directly From Can...Saves Cleanup
  • Clear Access For Large Brushes
  • Fits Standard Gallon Cans
  • Easy To Attach And Remove
  • Rugged Handle is Reusable Time and Time Again

Try It Once And You Will Never
Paint Without It Again!

Order Online:

Item CC01: Single - Can ClawTM Easy Grip Handle

$7.99 each

Item CC02: Retail Promotional Pack - 12 Can ClawsTM; One Point-of-Purchase Display Can

$52.89 per box

Item CC03: Retail Bulk Refill Pack - 24 Can ClawsTM

$86.40 per box

Item CC04: Retail Hanger Card Pack - 24 Can ClawsTM - Assembled to Hanger Card

$92.95 per box

The Painter's Can Claw from Painter's Sundries, Inc. is an easy-grip handle for paint cans used by professional painters.